The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Nagato Yuki

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PostSubject: Nagato Yuki   Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:44 pm

Name: Nagato Yuki

Alias: seeker of truth

Gender: male

Age:Unavailable(will explain further in history)





Sexuality:Dose not care.

Personality:Nagato's personality varies much on his scene,mood,moment,time place people ETC:he is usually calm,quite,out of the way,a tall stand up guy who dose not really show much emotion he is more of the laid back and allow things to go the way they go type of person.but when it comes down to it he will be serious at times.he has a strong feel and sense of this "justice" of his which you will see him display much of the time.
even thought he will show no emotion he is very domestic and violent when it comes to it.

none at the moment
Respect- 0100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - (like friend.rival,lover)
Info - (Tell how you met them or)

Likes:seeing people in pain.
making "peace".

Dislikes:people.(humans especially)

Strength: Nagato dose not have a source of strength for his power is based and not limited the only limit is using it to much.
Weaknesses: using his powers to much for his powers take up a lot of energy so he stands to prefer using his child version of himself where his power is preserved and deployed in order and in fast rations.
his older version's power is massive and takes up lots of his energy forcing him to subdue or stay at a distance to charge for it takes a long time to charge up so much energy.
while in his normal form his power is regular no limits and no exceeds.

Extra information:extra info placed in weaknesses please read the weaknesses.


Guild: considering making one or joining.

Guild Tattoo: unknown yet.

Rank:unknown yet.could i get one?
also i have a question on guilds


Name Magic:Nagato's Salvation

Magic: there is.
nagato's Six Paths of salvation:(only in elder mode)allows the user to summon 6 powerful warriors to battle of different categories and styles.
Nagato's Rath:(normal version)allows the users speed and power to be boosted.
Nagato's exile awaking(darken childhood version)allows the user a massive amount of power coming from the pupil (eye) allows things like illusions.

Magic Seal:

Strength: his massive amount of energy powers it up to how ever he wants it.he can max it or limit it.

Weaknesses: the only weakness to his magic is(elder) that it takes a lot of it (normal)you can track or follow or kind of understand its flow.(darken childhood)if you can make him go blind or attack his eye.


History:Nagato was born into the world as a happy child in a great home and city with great friends two which he would always hang with.a boy and a girl.a guy who trained them for they were all orphans who knew the city and all living in pure happiness in this life there was no happiness or sorrows.till eventually one day his home and city was assaulted in what was to be the biggest guild wars there was.many people died and were hurt and such Nagato with his two friends which he dose not recall the names of were able to manage an escape but in the mist of it all lost everything.home,friends,people they considered family and all.this was a darken day as the sky rained upon the three,the three looked back upon this destruction of there world which shattered in the flames and ashes as the rain came pouring down that faithful day.filled with nothing but sadness the three moved on to forget this all and go on with there lives to find a new place they could call home.
eventually they turned to the cold lost world which out cast them and neglected them turning there worlds into more darkness and hatred toward all till Nagato became ill but this illness became something...good in away...but also bad for it rotted Nagato's heart from the core and made him lose sight of the truth and eventually everything else killing him completely seeing this the other two decided to one day leave Nagato's side for safety and they were ever head from again.
as the days wen by Nagato went along life seeking his one true path.
for he had learned this one saying"one dose not know true peace till one has truly known pain and suffering..."
seeking this goal he destroyed and ravaged many homes,cities and towns killing nonstop in the search for this goal eventually dying.
to where someone used and called upon the dark magicks to reawaken Nagato but in a more.older state nagato was then granted a massive power source being place his body in a machine to excerpt and focus all his energy to his liking being able to unleash as much as he liked for his power was not limited till eventually it ran out for it was just so massive then eventually learning he could moderate his power AND control time at the same time(not physically but mentally in a state where time can be of use to him)time leaping going forward or backward(can only go a few minuets ahead of time) and allow him to change his age to moderate his power even more.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagato Yuki   Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:39 pm

approved but what question do you have about the guilds? and your rank is A
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PostSubject: Re: Nagato Yuki   Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:46 am

i wish to know dose the guild effect the power level and rank?
also i wish to make one but then again i wish to join one and see which is preferable.
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Join date : 2011-12-10

PostSubject: Re: Nagato Yuki   Sun Feb 19, 2012 4:36 am

well that depends because some guilds are known for having strong members and they have strong magic because of it while other guilds don't
since your new to this you should get the hang of being with a guild so you should join one and judging by the way Nagato is he is a dark wizard so he should join cursed shadow or hollow enigma
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Posts : 27
Points : 20292
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Join date : 2012-02-13
Location : Oh well you kow
Job/hobbies : Being with Women

PostSubject: Re: Nagato Yuki   Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:20 am

i shall look upon these guilds but for the moment sure.but could i not be considered a hero and a villain?lol.
but all jokes aside i shall seek what Nagato misses thank you again Soumer.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagato Yuki   

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Nagato Yuki
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