The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Angel Reed

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PostSubject: Angel Reed   Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:45 pm

Name: Angel Reed

Alias: King of kings,Master Angel,Flare of hope,Angel of Omega

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Birthday: 5,24,X848


Height: 6,1

Weight: 340

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Angel is a moral man he takes pride in being the guild master of a guild like Fallen King and raising most of the members and and cherishes it more than almost anything else. He is honor-bound to protect as many people as he can, and nearly nothing can stand between him and his honor and pride. He views the sword that was gifted to him as a symbol of his dreams and honor. Angel had a stronger sense of justice than he ever let on which is way he happily took up the job of being the Fallen King guild master.

Relationships: If your character is some how connected to another character. Tell us about it.If not, leave blank. If your character has more then one relationship you should right them like this
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Attraction - 0/100
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Status - (like friend.rival,lover)
Info - (Tell how you met them or)

Training his students
Protecting his guild
Laughing at jokes
Talking to Soumei and Sai
Watching his kids grow up strong
Going walking
Fighting strong opponent
Telling stories

Magic council and the wizard saints
Anybody hurting his guild members
His guild member fighting against each other

Strength: Angel has only some strong things about that makes a powerful guild master when it comes to strength Angel has enough force in his fist alone to take on a five dragon slayers in dragon force mode and still be able to knock them out with chop to the knock. His power is one of the few who can match Glidarts magic without using any type of magic at all he does crashing by himself. Angel is a master combat fighter being as he taught his guild how to fight he knows enough about fighting styles. Angel doesn't use armor or any type of protection on his body he can take a large amount of poison and still walk around like a normal man he has one of the strongest bodies in the wizard world being able to take on juipter and come out with normal cuts and bruises nothing more it is very hard to damage Angel.

Weaknesses: Angel isn't the fastest wizard even though is speed is probably one of the best when it comes down to it he probably just as the speed of Laxus and Gajeel put together not fast enough for a guild master. Angel even though he is calm and level headed when it comes to his guild anybody saying anything bad,rude,disrespectful about them or harming them will easily set Angel over the edge causing him to take like a fool letting himself be open to many attacks.

Extra information: He is the son of Flare Tree master and he knew all of the members


Guild: Fallen King

Guild Tattoo: The guild covers his whole chest and is in the colors of dark blue for the body and black for the wings

Rank: Guild Master


Name Magic: Rebirth,Disaster Sword,Hawk's Eye

Magic: Rebirth is the magic that allows Angel to call back the spirits of the dead for a short amount of time as a form of living magic with this he can call back the spirit and have them fuse with him to learn their magic then use for a short amount time for example if Angel called back Saitou he could use his eyes and his black lightning magic for about fifteen minutes. While he can call the dead back to fuse with him he can also call the dead back to make an army of wizards that will stay in battle till his magic runs out or till the opponent kills the wizard by taking apart their body. Rebirth also allows Angel to heal his body in two ways. 1 if Angel should die in battle he would be brought back by the magic with full magic and no wounds, 2 if he was to run out of magic rebirth would give him back all of his magic.

Disaster Sword:The sword that Angel carries around with him is base off the runes and the magic of the lost magic of Flare Tree. The Disaster sword is the sword that can cut through any magical force with just a simple swing be it something like wind attack or even giant blast like Jupiter. Disaster sword like it say has the ability to cause disaster with a swing of the sword Angel can cause a whole city to fall deep into the earth. He can cause many different disasters with his sword from an earthquake,floods, cyclones, tornadoes, blizzard and even volcanic eruptions. The sword Disaster do not have to be these type they can be something simple as the wizard losing his/her magic,a weapon breaking or a wizard passing out.

Hawk's Eye:An magic that allows Angel to see the magic system of person giving him the key to know how much magic they have in their system and what are their limits while the magic may seem weak it is far from weak. Being as Angel can see the system of magic he can damage it better then anyone would by using the eyes his body magic system boost up giving him the power to badly damage anybody magic system so they can't use their magic

Omega:The master magic of Dark of Light and Light of Dark. Omega takes the force of the Universe and puts it at Angel finger tips, with Omega he can all on every powerful force in the Universe that has started from light or dark,good or bad,hate or love. He can easily cast spells that would put the most powerful magic to the level of simple fire magic being able to change the luck of others and effect people by the will of the Universe. The magic can created a whole city with the simple snap of a finger and can throw the world into war with a thought. Angel has never use the magic for more then powerful mindless blast,shields,explosions and heal others but if he is pissed of he will use at full power.

Magic Seal:

Strength: Nothing

Weaknesses:As it stands in battle Angel can not use the full power of Omega on anybody who is lower then the guild master level when he uses the magic on wizards lower then that it drains a huge amount of his magic taking up more then half of his magic. Rebirth after the first time it heals his magic fully it will only heal his magic back up to 25 percent and it can't be use again for then two times in a fight after that it can not be used again. Hawk Eye's can only be used for one post if the magic is used for longer then one post Angel will start to lose magic and his body will become to heavy that he can't even hold up his sword.


History:Angel is the only son of Flare Tree guild master growing up he saw many of the famous of the guild like the first twin dragon slayer Sora Glory,The gravity king Mizuki,Big bang Vivi and their Lightning Queen Fate. Angel study down stairs in the secret house of the guild learning the many magics that were being made listening to his father words Angel had to learn the ways of making magic and how to explore the many different forms of magic. Angel when he was about eight went to hang out with Ryo and Sora talking with the two dragon slayers he learned that magic was something special and that it could be use for great things if they had the right user. Since then he would hang out with Sora and Ryo everyday watching them train and fight against each other along with the other wizards. Angel at the age of nine learn fire and ice training under both his father, Sora,Ryo,Vivi and Mizuki he started to love Flare Tree even more.

Great Magic War
During the great magic war Angel was sent away to spend time learning and practicing the magic that he was left with. Angel followed the news daily on the war it wasn't till the day when they said the war had been over but Flare Tree,Red Phoenix,Iron Moon and Dark Lords were lost in the war. Angel rushed back to his home town to find his guild was gone left in pieces he walked inside and found nothing was left but the books the notes and the magic lab where they made magic. Standing there Angel could do nothing but feel sad Mizuki came and took Angel with him along with the books he would allow him to finish whee he had left of and complete his training.

Wizard Saint
At the age of fourteen Angel had become a wizard while he was part of no guild he had large mind about the magic world and magic itself. Angel stood the council fighting with the other council members about what they should do to help the world and keep the guilds under control well some of them listen to him others hated the little boy young way of thinking. He went to stop war on a number of times for the council with a squad of wizards and his sword Angel battle many dark guilds and evil wizards who wanted to harm the world a acting like most people guardian angel. When he was only seventeen he met Sora again coming back from a mission one day on the council orders seeing him with his two sons Angel spent three days with them and would come back every week for two days since Sora knew how to cook. Going back to the council one day he heard about how the council was killing off wizards who did nothing wrong people like Mizuki and Ryo had been killed already for their acts in the war while he try to fight it Angel had no power he was out voted everytime. One day when going to a meeting he heard about how they had found Sora Glory and his kid he rush to Sora aid by the time he had got there he was too late Sora body was laid on the ground and his kids were no where to be found.

Leaving the Council and becoming Fallen King master
Returning to the council Angel was enraged by hate he challenged their reason for attacking innocent wizards who help them in the past and leaving children without parents telling him it had nothing to do with him Angel leashed out. Swinging his sword he created an attack and waged war on the council leaving shortly after. Angel wondered the land taking on many attacks by the council many different wizards being hunted down like dog he fought most of the time which improved his skills faster then most mages. Fighting along side a mountain one day angel fell off falling face first on the ground as the wizards came to get him he was gone Angel had ran away thinking on himself to cover his bloody chest and new scar on his chest causing him to make new magic. For the next three years Angel had become a big thing in the magic world so much that while walking in the first one day he found Soumei and Sai who asked him to be their guild master for a guild that was going to take down the council having the same feeling as the two young boys he agreed and became Fallen King guild master.
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Reed   Sun Mar 18, 2012 9:49 pm

I would like to be your guild master
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Reed   Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:03 am

Yes I have to tell you somethings first
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PostSubject: Re: Angel Reed   

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Angel Reed
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