The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Kain Hunter updated

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PostSubject: Kain Hunter updated   Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:44 am

Name: Kain Hunter

Alias: Element Kain,The Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: 2,2,X856


Height: 5,12

Weight: 156

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Kain is a gruff young man. He is rather unethical and somewhat ruthless. He has no love for wizards but he seems to tolerate certain ones, especially Allen who he calls Demon child. Kain was a bit of a bully as a teen, giving both Allen and Zandro a hard time. He seems less so as an adult, although possibly inclined to stirring the pot and seeing what happens


Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 100/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 100/100
Status - Best friend
Info - Allen and Kain are both on the junior squad in Genesis while Allen is the leader Kain is the second in command when they first met they would tend to fight a lot because of how Kain would bully Allen or try to bully Allen anyway. Now they are best friends and work well together

Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 100/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 100/100
Status - Best friend
Info - Kain used to bully Zandro even though he is an older member of the guild and a senior wizard he would drop stuff on him but he has the stop that and since then they have become much closer friends. Kain sees Zandro as a great man and even greater friend though they still fight time and time agan

Eating chinese food
Wearing suits
Making people mad
Bullying or scaring others
Watching other people fight

People saying his name over and over again
Getting hit in the face
People getting him wet when he looking nice
Getting cake in the face

Strength: Kain is a skilled combat fighter as he was once the second in command of the junior squad now being the captain of the Senior Members his skills has improved a lot. he is very fast moving close combat fighter being able to dodge through a group of warriors with his speed alone now  as if he was the wind. Kain knows the layout of the body as such he knows what to hit to slow down the movements and what to hit cause massive damage. Kain now as a senior member and one of the smartest wizards in the guild he knows the magic layout and the breakdown of magic along with how to stop the flow of other wizards well just enough to slow down their magic use while yet knowing how to increase his in one burst he is a genius.

Weaknesses: Increasing his own magical powers can put a serious strain on the body of Kain or anybody else that he increases. The user will feel sick to their stomach and will feel as if they have to throwup, they will gain a small fever almost like a bad cold that keeps them from doing much anymore. Never one with one of the strongest body Kain uses other methods to increase such things not having a strong body like some of the other members.

Extra information: Tell us something extra about your character. If you don't want to leave it


Guild: Genesis

Guild Tattoo: Under her collar bone on the left side its a dark blue color



Name Magic: Element Ring,Hunt,Lava-Make

Magic: Element Ring is a form of Holder Magic used exclusively by Kain n and out of combat. Not necessarily a form of magic, but rather equipment, Element Ring uses the five rings that Kain has obtained to use in combat. These rings actually have a small lachrima in each one of them that store, Fire, Lightning, Water, Darkness and Light Magic in each separate ring. This magic, when exerted takes the form of flames to a certain extent, with the colour and texture varying among every element. However, Element Ring can only activate once magical power is used by the user, as such, these rings are not always active. This is a result of the lachrima themselves having a unique function that keeps them on "stand-by" until magic is present in the user's body. These rings have the capability to alter one's magical power from an elemental standpoint, and thus, is capable of granting the user the ability to manipulate and create anyone of those elements as long as the lachrima possesses enough power.

Hunt: A magic created by Kain within the last six years. Hunt is a magic ability that senses out a number of targets in a field range of six miles. Within those six miles Kain can see his enemies and can pinpoint their location. Using Hunt Kain is able to turn his magic into a heat like missile attacking his enemies from a far and finding them.

Lava-Make:Outside of his magic rings Kain has taken it on himself to learn a deadly type of magic that being Lava-Make. To be able to shape the deadly element of lava he can model it, create it, shape it, break it down to is basic forms and use it as such. Different from Ice-Make magic o anything of the sort Kain is abler to turn his body into lava using this form of magic.

Magic Seal:normal seal


Weaknesses: Its harder to keep more then one element on at a time the more elements more magic it takes.


History:Kain wasn't really known before he got to Genesis his life story is mostly unknown he join the guild when he was around thirteen and he was causing trouble for people like Allen but he made friends with them for some odd reason he doesn't like a lot of wizards and he doesn't like to many people. He has taken a strong liking to Genesis in his few years of being with them but over Kain is something nobody knows and he won't tell. Kain has grown to be a valued member of Genesis. With Allen taking over the guild fully as the next guild master Kain open up more openly about his life to his friend. The guild master was the one who had found Kain and had brought him to Genesis, a boy with a kind heart who was scared of everything he thought Kain would grow up to be stronger over time, even teaching him how to use a special type of magic. Kain has always been a core member of Genesis and even now he still is a core member. More important then ever Kain and Allen still share a bond working together for the better of the guild and doing most of the things they see fit while having fun. Kain open up to Allen about his past that even though he join the guild when he was thirteen he was trained by Halie since he was about nine. Kain family was apart of the Angel raid that took place and that is where he lost his family it was on that point on that he found a dislike for wizards. That dislike however has been place onto more The Dark Guilds and how they treat others.
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PostSubject: Re: Kain Hunter updated   Sun Jun 15, 2014 1:35 am


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Kain Hunter updated
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