The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Ryou Dao new and improved

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PostSubject: Ryou Dao new and improved   Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:07 am

Name: Ryou Dao

Alias: Plague, Wizard Monster

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: January 30


Height: 6'3

Weight: 240

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Ryou is cold, calm, serious and crude to others. Ryou tends to ignore people who aren't worth his time and have a rash sense on things, he's arrogant. He has a very foul mouth and is often heard saying the most foul,mean, disgusted things that can come out of a person mouth. Feeling no emotions to others normally he tends to make fun of people to hurt their pride or hurt them in whatever way he can.  A born warrior for battle he would rather go into battle over being sick, being bored, training or doing anything of the sort. The only thing this man loves more than having a fight is having sex.


Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 50/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 88/100
Status - Guild Master
Info - Ryou and Sho are guild master and member while they are on good terms as Ryou hates everybody that is as far as that goes. They listen to one other and they go into battle.

Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 100/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 100/100
Status - Best Friend
Info - The two of them are a well balanced team in battle. Spending days,months and overall long period of time together they have a bond. Takeshi is one of the few people that Ryou likes, he is one of the few people he likes spending time and one of the few people who he doesn't wish to kill.

His Scythe
Fighting stronger people
Fighting overall
His sword
Hurting others

People who aren't on his level
People who call him names
People in general
Things like that

Strength: Ryou strength is his stamina at first he was able to fight for about hours without having any problems. Now Ryou has spent days without eating and just fighting his stamina allows him to take the damage of a Dragon Slayer even for a normal human that is rare. He can fight for days on end without food or water just from the rush he is truly a monster of the magic world.

His magic limit is something that he is very proud of because he comes very close to Takeshi who is above or equal to their guild master. Ryou uses his magic to push back his enemies with the magic force. A limit that can manafest itself into a giant demon that strikes fear into his enemies before he slays them. During his 20 year mission Ryou was able to use his magic to awaken his second origin and go into a rage of pure magic force, enough to slay the giant magical monster and drink its blood. 

His hand to hand fighting styles. Ryou main style and skill. A mix of boxing,karate and some street fighting makes for a bone crushing, spine breaking, organ popping attacks. Ryou strikes are all force and he makes sure that every punch,kick,headbutt or elbow he throws has enough force in it to shatter a number of his opponents bones, if not bring them close to death. Ryou fist are one of his most deadly weapons next to his scythe and sword that is. A dual weapon user six years ago he was a skill wizard with a very large scythe something he use to increase his magic attacks and kill his victims with. Now also with a very large sword Ryou is know for well cutting down very large huge monster with a single blow. His monstrous strength is the real thing.

Weaknesses: Unlike Takeshi who is amazing at long range Ryou sucks at long range. He couldn't hit a target from range to save his life and is the easiest way to be Ryou. Just keep him at a distance and that will be it in the battle between you and him sadly. He also isn't the smartest member in the guild and doesn't compare to Takeshi brain he is at most a normal wizard being compared to Natsu in terms of smarts. 

Extra information: Tell us something extra about your character. If you don't want to leave it 


Guild: Noise Creed

Guild Tattoo: On his arm and it's red

Rank: S


Name Magic: Plague, Projectile Enhancement,Great Demon Soul

Plague: Ryou sends a short mid range blast or incorporate it in his fighting style or weapon. This magic slowly kills off whatever it comes into contact with. This includes magic as well, this magic reacts different to humans. When a person is infected by this magic, their magic slowly gets killed off and affects their body functions. Now he doesn't shot a blast as much as turning his hands into deadly magic Plague. The same affects are applied when he touches or punches his opponent their magic gets killed off, and their body functions began to well die but at a faster rate depending on his attack.

Projectile Enhancement: Ryou can shoot anything enhancing it greatly. Rubber bands, daggers, etc can be shoot off, the item or weapon being shot off at the opponent have piercing damage and can pierce even the the greatest armor. Also now with just a simple touch Ryou can Enhance his fist, his chest, his heart, his brain or others.

Great Demon Soul:Lost form of Take Over magic. The user inner desires,feelings and soul transform them into something either darker or lighter depending on their inner desires,feelings and soul. Ryou having such a dark soul and dark feelings manafest himself as a number of demons. Since he has such evil within him the magic shorten his life span greatly but gives him such power.

Magic Seal: A ghostly green seal

Strength: Nothing

Weaknesses: Like said before that when he uses his lost form of take over it shortens his life span greatly.


History: Not much of Ryou past is known. The only thing that is known about him is that he's believe to be the grim reaper, Ryou have his trusty Scythe. What in fact is true is that Ryou is a wanted criminal nickname Grim Reaper. Ryou kill a number of people when he was a young man and that earn him his name. Wondering for some while he met Sho who took him into their guild. Once in the guild he took to no one, he stay by himself and carried out his missions. During some kind of war Ryou,Takeshi and Sho went into battle. The three of them having a fight for the first time as a team was fun, not only was it their first fight but it brought Ryou and Takeshi together. The two after the battle went away for training and just to explore. Both of them having been in the world already knew much about how life work. Takeshi became the first person that Ryou told his past too and his first real friend. After some time Ryou took off leaving Takeshi. Though he may not know the reason why, it was because he thought he wasn't strong enough. Ryou took to a number of dark guilds where he awaken an old magic. Once as a child he had the a dark take over ability. Remembering this skill once again Ryou return to his ways of killing for sometime. After a number of missions he has return to his guild having nothing else to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryou Dao new and improved   Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:30 am


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Ryou Dao new and improved
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