The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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PostSubject: Guilds   Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:03 pm

We will always update the guilds when there are two or three new guilds that is 

Crimson Liger
Guild Description:A rule breaking guild that has ten of the strongest members in all of Fiore the guild is famous for taking on hard ranking mission and defending other guilds they are also in the process of picking a new guild master. The guild is hidden under ground of stones only those with the tattoo and right of pass can get in

Crimson Liger Tattoo

Fairy Tail
Guild Description:The number one hyper acting rule breaking party guild of all time Fairy Tail known for its strongest members like Natsu,Erza,Laxus,Gildarts,Lucy,Mirjane and such they have a number of strong members and wild times

Fairy Tail Guild Tattoo

Shadow Wolves
Guild Description:A light guild that works under the magic council they take orders on what to do and how to deal with other guilds, shadow wolves only takes on jobs that are high level meaning A or above

Shadow Wolves Tattoo:

Cardinal Phoenix
Guild Description:The guild Specialty as have the highest record of missions taken world wide the Cardinal Phoenix sky rockets Guild by a land slide when it comes to taking on missions and we are more Specialty on top secret stuff such as taking on private Dark guilds and Holding the next Generation of wizards because we proud to say that if you where to have a Child he would receive special training and by the age of 15 he would be a A rank wizard and then by the age of 18 he would be and S rank wizard and ready to lead his next generation

Cardinal Phoenix Guild Tattoo:

Guild Description:Genesis was seen as a dark guild for its rash battles and wars with other guilds. Genesis was soon cased off as a Dark Guild but they have done many noble jobs and took down many guilds while it is now a dark guild Genesis is force that can not be stop. In the last 6 years Genesis has been made into just an  Independent Guild.

Genesis Guild Tattoo:

Guild Description:The guild Perilous is a newly formed guild while the guild is new they take high rank missions it was mainly form by a group of friends who wanted to fight stronger opponents just for the fun of it nothing else. The guild is about at most 35 years old

Perilous Guild Tattoo:

Lions Maw
Guild Description:Lions Maw was made about 6 years ago when Kenta Miyamoto arrived in the country of Fiore, pleading with many strong independent mages with storied talents and careers to join him in a guild that would protect those who could not protect themselves. They have grown in reputation as a select and small but very powerful guild, each member being as strong as the next. Stepping into the building and feeling all the raw magical power on display has been described as stepping into a Lion's Den. Since they are all mages of renown who do not want for glory, members do not often introduce themselves as members unless asked, believing it is too prideful to boast. They are quite protectors.

Lions Maw Guild Tattoo:

Wing Guardians
Guild Description:Wing Guardians is a guild that has appear within the last fifteen years however the guild wasn't officially a guild until four years ago. Before becoming an official guild Wing Guardians was called Death's Birds. As an assassination guild they have claimed many lives both good and bad for the right pay that was until the newest guild master took over the guild. Casting out the old ways and turning it a new Wing Guardians is now an Independent guild which will still kill for the right price but they have more morals and do other jobs besides killing. With the new command over the guild the members have had to learn other kills besides assassination allowing them to become stronger but one major skill that most of them share is swordsmanship and speed.

Wing Guardians Guild Tattoo:

Fallen King
Guild Description:The guild Fallen King was founded by the two brothers Soumei and Sai who dislike the magic council after what they had seen them do and how they act. The guild found a guild master after only having ten members then following their guild master they capture a magical ship. Using the magical ship the guild Fallen King became a well known guild of justice and a rouge guild. They became an independent guild and is now lead by Soumei Glory.

Fallen King Guild Tattoo:

Mermaid Heel
Guild Description:Mermaid Heel is known as an all-female guild, with the entirety of its shown members being females. Milliannconfirms this when she responds to Erza's question, about if Shô and Wally are in the guild with her. She says" What are you talking about? Mermaid Heel is a guild limited to women." When Hibiki Latesjokingly said that he would have joined Mermaid Heel,Toby Horthorta angrily commented that the Blue Pegasus Mage "is way off their theme".

Mermaid Heel Guild Tattoo:

Guild Description:Sabertooth's rank seems to consist of at least several tens of members, among which are five elite Mages responsible for earning the guild its current status. Unlike Fiore's former top guild, Fairy Tail, which accepts new members without requirements, Sabertooth seems to have high standards, as noted by Yukino, who only managed to join the guild after a long time. In stark contrast to this, however, the Exceed Lector and  Frosch made it to the guild despite their seeming lack of fighting skills, and, strangely enough, Jiemma seemed to be unaware of their presence until the former spoke to him,something which hints Sabertooth's Master may not be the only one behind the acceptance of new members.
After losing the title of the strongest guild and recently owed by Fairy Tail for saving Lector, Sabertooth's ruthless images are no more, with the bonds of friendships will now move forward.

Sabertooth's Guild Tattoo:

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PostSubject: Re: Guilds   Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:26 pm

Dark Guilds

 Noise Cantus

Guild Description:Noise Cantus is a dark guild that specialize in teaching of old lost magic and lost techniques. They seek ancient taboo arts, the members are known for learning rather three different magics. But one of their magic they learn is one the whole guild learns and it's called Noise Transformation. This allows the guild member to transform into a demon animal of their choice.

Noise Cantus Tattoo:

Exodus Seis
Guild Description:The guild came to be after the fall of some of Hosenka most deadly and strong dark guilds to keep the guild moving one of the magic council man another who had been there for a long time formed the guild Exodus Seis. The guild house wasn't built till years later but before that they destroy the streets of Hosenka making it unsafe for anyone to be there. After years the guild house was built and Exodus control most of the town in many ways.

Exdous Seis Guild Tattoo:

Oración Seis

Guild Description:their goal was to retrieve the Dark Magic "Nirvana" which was capable of turning "light" (good) into "dark" (evil). In other words, if this Magic was acquired, they could turn members of good guilds against each other and bring forth total chaos. They were, however, eventually defeated by the Allied Forces after initially crushing them.

Oración Seis Guild Tattoo:

Grimoire Heart
Guild Description:When they first appeared in the storyline, Grimoire Heart's goal was to acquire all the keys supposed to be used to unlock Zeref's seal, as well as to locate the Black Wizard himself. Once these goals had been achieved, their intention was to use him, discovered in a slumbering state on Tenrou Island,  to rule a world (referred to as the Ultimate Magic World) where the 90% of the world's Humans, those that cannot use Magic, wouldn't be able to survive. Due to the Fairy Tail guild's presence on Tenrou Island when Grimoire Heart decided to make the move to unseal Zeref, one of its goals was also to get rid of "Fiore's #1 guild" in order to reach Zeref; a goal which, before finding all of the keys, they were also willing to leave to others, such as the fellow member of the Balam Alliance Oración Seis.

Grimoire Heart Guild Tattoo:

Guild Description:One of their members, the Devil Slayer Silver, was able to freeze the entire Sun Village, its giant occupants, and even the Flame Dragon Atlas Flame, alone. Another member, Jackal, single-handedly killed the entirety of the Magic Council (with the exception of Doranbolt) in a few explosions. According to  Cobra, all members of Tartarus are Demons from the Books of Zeref, with the strongest Demon, E.N.D., being their leader.

Tartarus Guild Tattoo:

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Posts : 203
Points : 18325
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Age : 22
Location : Beating you down thats where

PostSubject: Re: Guilds   Sun May 04, 2014 7:33 pm

Oración Seis and Grimoire Heart will be lead by their guild masters Zero and Hades no one else

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PostSubject: Re: Guilds   

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