The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Tallic Sparks Zoldayack updated

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PostSubject: Tallic Sparks Zoldayack updated   Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:35 am

Name: Tallic Sparks Zoldayack 

Alias: Negative Plasma , Human Charger and Plasma King 

Gender: Male 


Birthday: January 3 X875 



Weight: 180

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Tallic is a calm Mage but he can also be driven by his emotions and instincts but not as much he is allot different from his brother he tends to be more wiser and 3 percent smarter then his brother although he carries a strong hatred personality against his brother he keeps it hidden out from the world and he tends to not tell anyone about his whole life story he is brutal and will not have any hesitation to kill over the last six years Tallic himself has become a much more colder person having been in his guild Tallic has become a cold blooded wizard he doesn't believe in friends or love ones anymore he has no love for children, women or men alike he only cares for himself and becoming stronger everything else is just a word or a tool for Tallic he doesn't even play the role there are very few people in his guild who can even hold a conversation with Tallic as everyone else who tries to talk to him either up dead or being ignored by him like they do not exist


Respect- 2/100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status -Hated little brother
Info - Tallic hates his little brother Silver but he likes to watch him suffer and that is his goal to watch Silver suffer

Respect- 60/100
Friendship - 50/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 50/100
Status - Sister
Info - Devi and Tallic relationship is very odd as Devi pops up from time to time without warning however they do have somewhat of a brother and sister relationship as she is one of the few people Tallic talks to

Strong wizards
Chilly Dogs 
Slaying dragons 
Battling other Slaying wizards

His sister
His second Adopted father 
Annoying people 
Mostly everybody

Strength: A skilled hand to hand combat wizard over the last six years Tallic has become a better fighter. Tallic fighting skills can be on pair with that of a high class Dragon Slayer he is able to do battle with at least three people at the same time in close combat without showing signs of slowing down or losing sight of his opponent this has come from the last six years and Tallic close combat fighting with other wizards from other guilds all across Fiore the experience is what has made Tallic such a better fighter. He is just as fast as his brother or at least Sliver wishes that (haha) Tallic is the fastest member in his guild he moves like a spark of light without his magic this is also done within the six year spend of training when Tallic was running the amount of training and the increase of magic has made him a hard man to catch. Tallic is one of the few Dragon Slayers with a large amount of magic Tallic magic has reach the point to where he can do at least five secret slaying attacks pair battle and at least fifteen pair day without having to consume some kind of lightning to regain his powers.
Weaknesses: Tallic comes to a point where he gets tired and does not fell like moving or landing another blow so he tends to take a breather which will leave him open. During the use of his secret Dragon Slaying attacks Tallic will have to take a moment to breath when using them over and over again this is to let his body take a breather and lets his magic slowly get back to a level. If Tallic is stopped when moving at his high speed it leaves a small ringing in his ears from the shock allowing him to be hit.

Extra information: Tell us something extra about your character. If you don't want to leave it 


Guild: Exodus Seis 

Guild Tattoo: his guild Tattoo is on his chest 

Guild tattoo:

Rank:S rank 


Name Magic: Negative Plasma Dragon slayer and Stealth Magic 

Magic: Being the Negative Plasma Dragon Slayer Tallic is able to use a negative charge creating objects or turning his hand into plasma like weapons very similar to Gajeel and his Iron sword or his spear. He can also turn his body into pure Negative energy almost like an armor when using this the charge will shock his opponent almost paralyzing them. Over the years he has learned to use his Dragon Slayer magic as a powerful much like Laxus. Tallic can turn his body into Plasma and use it to travel, he can use the destructed force to harm many people with just simple attacks. He eats all forms of lightning/plasma

Stealth Magic : Allows Tallic to move at high speed it is just like speed magic however even though Tallic moves at high speeds stealth magic causes the senses of others to be distorted just so they aren't able to find him when that happens Tallic will use the high speed to kill his enemies or at least harm them so he can continue with his mission most likely killing his opponents though 

Magic Seal:


Weaknesses: nothing


History:Tallic was born First before silver he was the first person to ever been teach by the Dragon its self and then when silver came thats when everything changed .Tallic is more talented then silver although he was gifted he hated how his brother had more attention of the dragon Tallic one goal was to become impressive . Then there came a time when both brothers fought and in the end Tallic was the winner but still can not gain the respect of the dragon silver had kindness and maturity while Tallic was calm and strong but also a man who believes  believes that silver dose not deserve his dragon slayer powers that his brother is garbage and he is the more powerful out of the two. At the end of all of this their dragon left both of them leaving Tallic in charge he took care of his weak little brother for 5 years then they met a man who was the second Adopted Father who took both of them as his own. After awhile Silver let something free, something evil and caused both of them to get kicked out and then after they both kept on walking Tallic was tired of baby sitting and left his little brother not giving a damn about him from that moment forth they both when there separate ways tallic met a couple of stealth mages where he learned his stealth magic after that he hit the age of 12 and joined a guild and trained harder for if one day the dragon returns he will kill him just for him to be notice but first he wishes to take down the one thing that's been holding him back his brother and maybe hunt down the thing they set free. Tallic met Silver again many of the times and he even beat his brother time and time again to prove which one of them was better Tallic love it but yet he never killed his brother. Over time he found his father....their dragon parent Ith and Tallic killed it become a True Dragon Slayer somehow along this way he found Devi his adopted sister the Dark Wizard having no reason to battle her she came back with him to his guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Tallic Sparks Zoldayack updated   Wed Apr 16, 2014 4:01 pm


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Tallic Sparks Zoldayack updated
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