The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Cassidailia Abigail Malforin(Updated App.)

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PostSubject: Cassidailia Abigail Malforin(Updated App.)   Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:00 am

Name: Cassidailia Abigail Malforin

Alias: Prisoner # 129943

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthday: June 21st


Height: 5 feet 7 inches, 6 feet in heels.

Weight: 165 pounds

Sexuality: Unknown

Personality: Cassidalia is a quiet showing very little interest in talking to anyone unless she starts the conversation her self, She has a large interest in the colour purple, But under the surface lies a woman who wants to see blood spill and kill people watching carefully finding the right person to pick out and kill.
Cassidalia can be helpful and harmless but she will only do it if you do something major her in return, give her a reason to trust you or she wants something from you. Helping Cassidalia too much causes her to be believe that she will be turned in by them, make her attack them or feeling like she has to being around for necessity she might even try and kill them.
Cassidalia also seems to be a very rash and thoughtful person and seem to have a normal level headed thought dispite of murderous behavior thinking an area is not safe to do something or wanting an area to be safe for her to live she will stop her habits in that area to do so but also a defiant person who does not take orders very well sometimes simply because she believes whatever she thinks about it is more would benifit more then her orders.
Once Cassidalia feels comfortable enough around a person she will sometimes call them Deary,Darling,Dearest and Sweety. It is only for a select few people well she call them that at all and that is the only four she will use.
Cassidalia also seems to have a rule or simplely is willing to not kill this list is: Newborns to 12 year old kids, elderly, people who are terminally ill who are going to die anyway. Cassidalia feels like it would be a waste of time if the person has not had a chance to actually have a life or is going to die anyway but if they get in her way when she is trying to do something Cassidalia will not have a problem with killing them.


Shadou Akuhei
Respect- 30/100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - Enemy
Info - After there first meeting Cassidalia does not like or want to see Shadou against unless it is for something she needs, mostly likely will refuse to say anything after he told her he was more then willing to kill her.

Tahlia Summer
Respect- 70/100
Friendship - 70/100
Attraction - 20/100
Trust - 50/100
Status -Hope to be friend.
Info - Cassidalia still hope whenever she feels comfortable enough as friend maybe explain the things she have happen with her but for now she values her friendship with her to avoid telling Tahlia alot of stuff about her or that goes on around her, Cassidalia will also avoid fighting her if she can.

Raphael Minamoto
Respect- 60/100
Attraction - 10/100
Trust - 40/100
Status - Guild Master.
Info - Cassidalia still is in the early thoughts about being in his guild and in general still does not know what to think about Raphael himself, This unsure thought and the feeling of unable to trust anyone fully is why Cassidalia might not listen to him at odd times when orders are given to her.

Alexandria Varimathras
Respect- 65/100
Attraction - 15/100
Trust - 55/100
Status - Hope to be friend/Ally and Guild member
Info- The only guild member since joining Cassidalia was seen or talked too, She is hoping talking and spending time will form a bond and  friendship with at least one person for the moment so she is attempting with Alexandria.

Rose Tem'Naka
Respect- 50/100
Status- Bystander that fought her.
Info- When they met  Rose and Cassidalia had a small conversation going, it slowly turned to murder when some one bump into Rose and Cassidalia did something after that they fought and Cassidalia has not even thought or worried about Rose since what happend.

Likes: Cassidalia's liking aside from the very noteing stabbing and murder are purple colour objects, foods that are mostly rice a good fried rice will make her day, blood shed, not being asked too many questions that happen to do with murder. walking around free and not feeling like she always needs to be with people.

Dislikes: the feeling of having to be tied down or cornered, Being turned in by some one she thought would not or thought was a friend, when some one takes away an object she likes. The thought of having to or having to fight the few friends she has for any reason it leaves a sour taste in her mouth.

Strength: Cassidalia's hunger for blood and to stay free and in her mind not tied down and her wanting to be left alone, her wanting to be left alone as well.

Weaknesses: She sometimes will not understand when some one is trying to help her her many try to kill that person as well or flee to plot to kill them later,if becoming some ones friend she may become too trusting dispite her hidden paranoid behavior.

Extra information: Cassidalia has alot of tattoos on her why she had them done is left to what people believe.

Guild: Noise "Creed" Cantus.

Guild Tattoo: Center of her back it is purple, it blends well with the tattoos she already has.

Rank: A rank.


Name Magic: Magic Blades, Invisibility, Position Swapping and Maguilty Sense.

Magic: Cassidalia's magic abilities are as listed.
Magic Blades: Cassidalia has magic blades that appear on sections of herself they are a dark purple colour, these places are her shoulders, the back of her neck and her hand with the blades also going around her hands all the way to her wrists.
Swapping Magic: Cassidalia staring at a target person, she can do this spell weather or not she invisible. When she stares at a target she intends to swap with Cassidalia and that target change places instantly.
Invisibility: Cassidalia can turn invisible when someone stops looking at her at any point, freely choosing to appear again when she feels or when she attacks someone nothing else seems to cancel it, When this spell is in effect there is no outline of her and there is no shadow of her under her invisibility spell.
Maguilty Sense: This is a Lost magic Cassidalia got caught under request, This magic allows to link a other people's senses as one they will feel the same pain is anyone else linked but will not leave wounds if they are not the person hit by Cassidalia, the pain you feel is increased rather then its normal damnage from what hit Cassidalia.

Magic Seal: Mark of Maguilty Sense that will appear on the other person/persons wrist:

Strength: Being able to sneak up on anyone using invisibility magic, Having blades on back and neck is a large deterrence from trying to strike her from behind, Swapping with people allow her to: Avoid more attacks, Get her to use her invisibility magic quicker and set herself out to single a person. Maguilty Sense is a good tool attempt to try and weaken other people to be able to finish them off.

Weaknesses: Bumping into Cassidalia while she is walking around invisible will break the spell, Her bleeding will reveal the bleeding area, Swapping sometime does lead into more danger then good, Cassidalia is most likely to cancel Maguilty Sense when she is facing some one alone and she is going to try and kill them to avoid getting herself hurt as well.


History: Cassidalia Malforin is a mage considered too dangerous to be free by the public until she gets help for her killing problem. Many despite trying, have never figured why is she is doing it other than it lets out high amounts of anxiety and held back emotions for never getting help form past events that had happen to her.
Discussions about what causes a person to turn into a murderer, who sees nothing but blood and death. Cassidalia cause was a buildup of many things triggering all at once and killing is the only release
Starting when her half-sister was taken away because her father wanted to raise her alone and wanted not to be a part of family if Cassidalia at that particular time. This had happen after the death of Cassidalia' father and there mother not being able to spend much time her only companion was gone.
Being alone it left her mind to wonder with negative thoughts and slowly plunged her to be defiant to her mother and her eventually also her step father at the time they did not think of it too much since they knew a lot had happened to Cassidalia and at this time they thought maybe she would turn around and eventually for the most part she seemed to keep to herself.
Eventually her sister returned after being dropped off at home Cassidalia was happy for a while she had company and her family seemed like it is whole again and she would not have to worry about anything, but times change fast for that for now happy family.
A break in during the night while the family were sleep. Cassidalia watch as everyone but Arietta who was hiding was beaten until there was masses of blood splatter everywhere, They opened the closest door where Cassidalia stare at them and as they went to raise there hand to strike her they both heard a scream and a loud crash as someone ran out of the house.
Cassidalia head butted that person and watched them hit the ground with an impact strong enough to cracked their skull open Cassidalia smiled she was truly happy...the person no longer moved and the blood just made it better for her.
Since that day it changed her but never has it been seen that it changed her in anyway everything thought Cassidalia was staying a quiet child that may just live a normal life. what she was feeling was holding herself back from being able to express what she wanted to do simply because she knew it was wrong.
After moving out nothing could stop her, that all that was needed to trigger her killing spree. Walking home from buying a few things someone a pass by her and accidently touched Cassidalia and she snapped and killed them without looking and without remorse.
Since then she has started a mass amount of random killings and just never stopped. It made her happy and it felt right to her for some reason. The only thing that stopped her was being arrested by the magic council even then it did not stop her. After she broke out and killed two guards on the watch at the time when she became loose Cassidalia has continued what she wanted .And after a while after joining Noise Creed, Cassidalia no longer has withdrawals from not killing for so long and can easily control her killing habit now it is all her own wanting if she kills some one or not.
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Cassidailia Abigail Malforin(Updated App.)
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