The strongest mages battle for many different reasons some for pride,power,glory,money and some just fight for fun. What do you fight for? your guild? friends? or yourself? we are wizards under the same core
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 Raphael Lyon Minamoto

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PostSubject: Raphael Lyon Minamoto   Tue May 06, 2014 12:28 am

Name: Raphael Lyon Minamoto

Alias: Lyon the Lion, Zeus

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthday: March 2


Height: 6'1

Weight: 175

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Raphael is... cold, to say the least. He's quite stoic and have a harsh sense about things. It is hard to get him to really talk unless he really wants to, and he's far from approachable. But, once you get pass this barrier he would gladly show a more relax mood towards you. He's an excellent leader and selfless as he likes to think of others and those close to him, to come before the task at hand. Being the son of Sho, reading and learning is a plus, he tend to close himself from the world to learn about new things making him extremely intelligent, able to create plans that literally take days to think off. He's calm in almost all situations, making him a very formidable foe. The soft spot in Raphael's heart, however, is his friends. Raphael however when he get's lost in battle tends to go into a berserk blood state, where he wants to do nothing but fight. In that state he then tends to enjoy his battles and love to finish off his enemies quick, he also show a much cool and joking presence in this state.

Relationships: If your character is some how connected to another character. Tell us about it.If not, leave blank. If your character has more then one relationship you should right them like this

Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 80/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 75/100
Status - An Old friend
Info - When Raphael was lost in town he ran up against some horrible people that wanted to beat him for the magic he knew. Learning that it would be wise to avoid the battle Raphael did so and ended get beat up. Soumei reached in to help even the odds, even though Raphael told him countless times it wasn't needed his help. He grew a friendship bond with him.

Friendship - 80/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 72/100
Status - Friend
Info - Raphael had some problems with the law in the past, Kei bumped into him and was gracious enough to pay for the damages and help him out of trouble. The two been cool ever since.

Respect- 25/100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - Rival
Info - Raphael disgusted as his father and took the name Sho, was in Killuos guild, his stay wasn't long but he shortly left his guild from the fact that he never play well with others. His last words to him were. "Have a nice fucking day, I plan on working alone from now on and once I obtain what I want. I'll come back to finish the job." Killiuos and the others of his guild don't know his true identity and thinks that his name is Sho.

Respect- 0/100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - Rival
Info - Kaze was a thorn in Raphael side, he always looked down on him and got in his way whenever he tried to set plans in motions. He bit his time in the form he called "Sho" to avoid detection. Out of all the bodies he prefer to kill him the most.

Alexandria Varimathras
Respect- 100/100
Friendship - 20/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 100/100
Status - His third in Command
Info - Alexandria met Raphael when he was recruiting members to join his cause. The two quickly respected each other for each of their own skills, she's currently Raphael's third in-command.

New Magic
Taboo/Ancient arts

Blundering oafs
Loud people

Strength: Raphael reading a lot of books and learning one of the many deadly God Slayer arts, he have a better understanding of magic and have a general idea for all element base magic, as for others he tends to like to seek knowledge from the magic before beating the user to a pulp. Being a god Slayer, his senses and hand to hand skills are pretty strong, he's also able to endure a lot more than others.

Weaknesses: Excessive use of powerful scales sealing magic would put himself a risk. Since Raphael knows a lot of great magic, his main weakness would be the use he have with the magic he know. He's able to use all the magic at his dispose but only one at a time. Raphael came up with a system to help him along with it, 10 minutes for each magic before switching to another one.(8 post of that magic)

Extra information: Raphael holds his father Sho hat.


Guild: Noise Cantus

Guild Tattoo: Gold and on his hand

Rank: Guild Master


Name Magic: Chaos control, Take Over Magic: Taboo, Mirror Magic: Casting Shadow, Salvation God Slayer, Arc of Motion

Chaos control: Tapping into the power of chaos, the user is able to distort the space around him to grant him boost in merely magic, or in strength. The powers of chaos could also be control into existing magic as well, unlocking the magic greatest potential. Chaos control turns the users eyes red and a strange blue aura surrounds the user; as time around the user in a 5 meter range slows down and stop. Chaos magic could also be used to revert a magic or object to it's simplest state or form. When the user is killed in the Chaos state, using the chaotic force in the area. They are able to return to the world of the living, however they gain a demonic or monstrous form when they come back for a brief ten minutes once the minutes are up they gain control over their magic again and can once again resume their duties.

Take Over Magic: Taboo: A rare and powerful taker over magic. Using this magic Raphael is able to merge with the souls of the demons and even legendary beast who he had overcame against. Like all Take Over Magics, the user gain their power and abilities of the beast they merge with. But Take Over Magic: Taboo allows the Raphael control over the dark element and merging with certain demons and beast allow for an even greater use in the element, as such the merging transformation aren't limited and can be stacked on each other granting a power use of fire power and expanding magic to be used. But at a cost of such a power certain transformations allow a much higher concentration in magic to allow merging.

Mirror Magic: Mirror magic a simple yet complex magic. Raphael is able to create mirrors, these mirrors are unbreakable by raw strength and can only be shattered through great magic control, of course one magic must be greater than the magic of the caster to shatter it. The mirrors is a two way dimension, and acct as a shadow space as well; Raphael if he wanted to and with enough magic poured into the mirrors can have the mirrors erase all traces of magic sense, giving it the name Casting Shadow. Raphael could either escape in these mirrors or redirect an opponent attack right back at them, or use it like a shadow link to have one mirror take the attack and another mirror casting the attack back or elsewhere.

Salvation God Slayer: The prize Salvation God Slayer is a powerful slayer. Powerful than an elemental God slayer, being a Salvation God Slayer Raphael is able to control light itself and even hardness it into a dangerous weapon. Raphael could use these power of light to move at blinding speeds; if he wishes to he could hardness the power of light to create weapons of light; shoot beams of light that can burn or blind everything in it;s path; he could even use the power of light to turn himself invisible by bending the light around himself making himself invisible; and even give his body that strength boost to blow up a building with a punch. But the most dangerous thing about this magic are the seals it can make. Using such a magic in a way Raphael discovered a way to heal himself with it and even limbs. Although they don't heal rapidly with much time and focus left to it he can heal wounds and regrow limbs. Minor wounds and cut take almost an instant to heal one minute being the time duration but a lost time of course takes longer, depending on how deep the cut is and how much the cells are intact will result in the time length of regrowing a limb. The time for it takes up to about an hour or so, but if the cells are damaged badly then it would take an hour and half for the limb to regrow. The seals are just like Amaterasu seals, but deals with vast amounts of light and can overwhelm even Amaterasu seals. Being a Salvation God Slayer, he eats his element light. This is all forms of light, but he has also proven to heat the heat around certain lights, like the heat from sunlight when it's focused enough.

Arc of Motion: Raphael is able to the flow of movements. This magic allows him to render something motionless, this includes limbs, and could even disrupt and attack that's being thrown at him or a friend to become stationary in the air, or even redirect it's course of destination. The arc could be use to even lift up object, or living matter within the radius of the spell and send them flying into any direction, or keep them still. Raphael is able to control the speed of the motion, that the spell targets.

Magic Seal:

Strength:  Nothing Powers up his magic

Weaknesses: Nothing weakens his magic, but overuse of certain spells can prove to be bad for Raphael in long winded battles. Since their is no main weakness to his magic, if anything the weakness to his magic would be grave overuse of huge spells. Staying within a legendary Taboo take over rather than a lesser one would also be a result in overuse of magic if he were to stay in such a form for a lengthy battle.



Learning Magic: Raphael being the third son of Sho was the youngest, he was considered to be the next Sho. Because he had a cold personality towards others he spent most of his times learning magic, Sho who was still a member of Flare Tree, gave Sho the option the actually learn magic instead of doing reading on them as he saw great magic potential in him. Raphael took his father deal and was sent on a journey to learn magic. Sho had set him up to learn from an old friend he helped. It was  Athena the Goddess of Salvation, she taught Raphael Salvation God Slayer magic and taught him how to dispel magic as well. After seven year had passed, he was missing his dad. He left his adopted mother and teacher to go in search of his dad.

Returning Home: Raphael was now 14 when he was searching for his dad, he ran into the old Flare Tree guild house to find it destroyed his eyes filled rage as he was concern about his dad. The group that had destroyed the guild house turned out to be with the council. They notice that he was Sho's son and lunge at him to take him in. Raphael who didn't do much fighting with his new magic was taken off guard. The men in front of him fell down, dead. It was Sho his father who saved him, Sho snatch his son and fled the scene.

Learning From Dad: Sho being the wizard who loved to learn magic taught his son Raphael a few magic, but after he told him what had happened. His two brothers were killed in the raid along with a great sum of people. Raphael grew up hating the council and also grew up thinking about a better world. Taking the magic his dad taught him became a force of great magic. Sho also taught him how to fight and defend himself with the magic he learnt. Two years past and Raphael was now 16, the council strike team appeared and shot Sho in his arm and cut his gut. He told Raphael to leave, but Raphael stayed he used his magic to kill the strike team. As Sho was dying he transferred his magic and knowledge into his prize hat. His last dying words were; "Raphael take this hat, my time on this rock is up. But your time had just begun, learn to use your magic. Don't grow up forgetting where you've come from. This hat has everything you'll need to know." He died in Raphael's arms and in front of him. Raphael enrage destroyed a section of the town, he left seeking the Goddess again.

Times as Sho: Raphael gave the goddess his father hat telling her to give him the look of his late father, and some magic. She wonder why Raphael would do such a thing but couldn't figure him out and dared not to ask him. She did just that but gave him a warning and limit of the form of his dad and the magic she gave him. Raphael took the new form and change it up a bit and joined Killious guild after hearing that he was in the council. He thought of what better way to exact the revenge of his dad and the guild by killing him. But all he did gain was more hatred for him and the council. He left within a year and left to set up his own guild. He became lost in Taboo readings and it was there he learnt of a spell that would destroy the time space zone, allowing those who died to come back and allowing death nothing of just a mere memory. His time as his dad were slowly fading.

Two Years in the Past: With his dad's form gone for good, all he have left of his dad is his memories, knowledge, and his hat. He have nothing but these things his father left him to keep him moving towards his goals, and destroying the timeline, and bringing the lost ones back. With his Taboo knowledge and knowledge of magic origins are the only things he need.

Now: Raphael left much of the world to resume in peace for the most part after their battle against the dead. Raphael stayed silent in the shadows falling off the grid, but during that time Raphael was studying up on magic that their enemy had used, and studied up on the magic of his allies. Raphael armed himself and his guild with the knowledge he discovered, rallying troops to prepare for something.

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PostSubject: Re: Raphael Lyon Minamoto   Wed May 07, 2014 4:13 am

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Raphael Lyon Minamoto
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