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Reequip- Goddess of Heroes

Attack name: Reequip- King of Knights
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: The first armor mastered by Alexandria and it is one that belonged to Arthur Uther Pendragon, better known as King Arthur. It is a heavy, hard and azure armor including gauntlets, greaves, a breastplate, and long tassels shaped like a skirt that act as impregnable defenses made from magical energy overpowering others. Along with the armor comes his greatest and most powerful sword of his time, which is a divine construction, the pinnacle of holy swords, forged by the planet as the crystallization of the wishes of mankind stored and tempered within the planet. The armor protects the user from light based magic, while giving them immense durability and strength. While the sword itself is able fire crescents of energy whenever the blade is swung. The ultimate ability of the blade however is the ability to release a large beam of light from the tip of the blade which can mow through the surface of the earth though the move drains her mana considerably.


Personal Skills-
Instinct is the ability to instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. Because this skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms. At rank A, it is essentially in the realm of predicting the future. Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extend.

Mana Burst
The ability to reinforce one’s weapon and body through the infusion of magical energy. By reinforcing the ability of the body to a great extend using magical energy. Even a stick could be used a deadly weapon.

Other properties of the Armor:
Avalon: Avalon: The Everdistant Utopia is the hallowed scabbard of Excalibur, the embodiment of the utopia King Arthur seeks, originally stolen from her shortly before the Battle of Camlann due to the machinations of Morgan le Fay. It is a luxurious piece of equipment made of gold and decorated with blue enamel that seems more like a treasure to show dignity and nobility like a crown or staff than a weapon. No one knows what kind of a divine mystery it is made from, but it was created by fairies along with Excalibur, an inscription written in Fairy Letters engraved on its center to show that it is not the work of man. It bequeaths limited immortality through constant regeneration, as well as preventing physical deterioration caused by aging. The utopia Avalon was thought to be derived from the island that produced the "Apple of Immortality" in Greek mythology. When Alexandra uses Avalon it grants her the ability to regenerate from minor injuries instantaneously,  major injures over two posts, lost of a limb over four posts and can even reincarnate the user once every ten topics.


Attack name: Reequip- The Dark Knight
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: The second armor mastered by Alexandria and it belonged to a man loyal to King Arthur. Lancelot.  The armor is clad in pitch-black armor and a rustic helmet with a thinly carved slit displaying the ghastly glow of her eyes. The armor is the work of the delicate and nuanced workmanship of its smith's utmost effort, succeeding in granting it an air of formidability and a fine construction. It is a perfect armor that can be called neither exquisite nor crude, and it instead perfectly melds magnificence and functionality. It is carved with countless marks and scratches, the highlights of his various military exploits etched into it to add a touch of valor. It is an ideal battle outfit that all knights could not help but envy. Due to the magical nature of the armor a black fog is constantly emitted from it giving her the appearance of a black mist.  Protects the user from dark/shadow magic


Arondight: The Unfading Light of the Lake-  is a holy sword wielded by Lancelot that is the counterpart of King Arthur's Excalibur. It bears a similar design to that of Excalibur, carved with Fairy Letters to show that it was not forged by mortal hands. It is a limitless sword capable of receiving any attack without taking damage that shines much like the water of the Lake. It was given only to someone who could be exalted as the "perfect knight", the strongest, bravest and truest knight of an era, which signifies the unrivaled Lancelot out of all those who sat at the Round Table of Camelot. The sword has lost its status as a holy sword after Lancelot used it to slay several of his fellow knights who were acting as guards of the execution of Guinevere. Having lost it’s status as a holy weapon, the weapon is now tainted by black magic and grants the user the ability to use shadow/black/dark magic.


Knight of Honor-  Is an ability that is the embodiment of the incident where Lancelot was forced to fight Phelot unarmed and proved his fighting prowess by claiming victory with an elm branch. Rather than an overt weapon, it manifests as a "unique ability" retained by his body. Once Alexandria grabs hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon by her own recognition with her gauntlets and he recognizes that her wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of "becoming her Magical Weapon." Even control of other magicians weapons will instantly go to her should he grab hold of them. It can only be activated for objects recognized as "this is a weapon", so she could use a steel chair if he happened to be skilled in wrestling.
The ability allows for something as worthless as a piece of scrap iron to be turned into a demonic spear or sword capable of damaging divine and demonic beings and striking legendary weapons. She can make use of weaponry regardless of how it was created or its time of origin, allowing her to take control of anything from legendary weapons to modern weapons and machinery.

Attack name: Reequip- Knight of Ages  
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: The third armor Alexandria had mastered, that is based off two knights with familiar origins  Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Cú Chulainn, a warriors based from Irish mythology. Not much can be said about the armor that is worn seeing that it was nothing but traditional Gaelic Irish clothing, a dark teal sleeveless Gaelic Irish outfit, with black arm warmers. Though the armor is pretty much just a fashion statement, the true potential of this The forgotten knight is the abilities she inherited.



Gae Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality- is a cursed spear 1.4 meters long that inflicts wounds that cannot be healed naturally or with magecraft. It was a gift given to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne by Manannán mac Lir, the king of fairies, and he normally keeps it wrapped in a talisman cloth. The spear‘s special ability is that it lowers the opponent's maximum health limit, thus limiting healing and regeneration abilities to the point where the opponent received the injury.   For example if spell causes a wound to heal for one post the time limit while double each hit taken from Gae Buidhe. It also attacks as a lightning rod against lightning based magic.

Gáe Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism- is a two meter long spear that renders magical enhancements and projections useless by severing all ties with mana which is similar to nullification magic. It was passed down to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne from his father, and he normally keeps it wrapped in a talisman cloth to seal its abilities. This ability works extremely well against magical defenses of any kind and is deadly against re equip users and celestial beasts since it has the ability to close the gate immediately

Battle Continuation
Though the armor isn’t suited for taking blows from magical attacks since it offers little to no magical resistance, it makes it up for blows from physical attacks. Not giving up easily, it allows her to battle on the verge of death and stay alive for one topic, while wearing the armor until she receives a clearly fatal blow.

Attack name: Reequip- Bewitching Black Serpent
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: The fourth armor mastered by Alexandria. Mainly based of the mythology of Medusa, The Gorgon. Like the Knight of Ages Armor. There is little to be said about the armor. In this form Alexandria wears a black and purple dress that barely reaches her knees, matching boots and arm warmers. This armor gives her the ability to use speed magic and petrifaction magic. It also offers her protection against water magic


Weapon- Alexandria fights with a low-risk and high-return type of warfare that isn't fixated on the methods used to win. She fights mainly with a Nameless Dagger in close combat that is more likely to be called a "nail" rather than a "dagger." It is attached to a long chain that can restrain and immobilize targets that she pierces. It is not suited to short-range battles, instead best utilized as a thrown weapon from a distance.

Cybele the Mystic Eyes of Petrifaction- The eyes, almost too abnormal to be called eyeballs, are gray with an appearance similar to crystals. Despite their abnormality, many believe that they are too beautiful for any human to possess, and could either be art the gods admired or a nature they cursed. The corneas do not take in light, and the pupils see the world through a square. The irises are solidified, not allowing the eyes to close, and the millions of cells that make up the retinas are composed of the Sixth Imaginary Element. It affects all targets within the owner’s field of vision, regardless of whether said targets are looking at the Eyes physically, or if they have their eyes closed but continue to view her with their mind's eye, as it is a curse to look upon her in any way.

D-C ranked mages are instantly petrified when caught within this magic. B-A rank mages feel the effects of their body solidifying cutting their speed in half and it would take two posts for them to become petrified unless they can escape Alexandria. S- Wizard saints would have their speeds cut by twenty five percent and it would take them five posts to get petrified unless they can escape Alexandria.

Speed Magic:

Attack name: Reequip- Varimathras
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: The fifth armor that Alexandria had mastered. The armor had actually belonged to her lineage. The armor is made from special material collected over the course of a thousand years to create a true masterpiece. The body armor is full black and the pants are riddled with latches all over it. The red overcoat is made out of a wind shroud which protects the user from wind/sky magics. The armor also allows her to use magic which is passed down through her family. Projection magic.



Clairvoyance- a visual ability also called “Eagle Eye” that affects the accuracy of bows, allows her to execute her “ultra long-range sniping” precisely even against targets moving at high speeds as long as they are within a four kilometer range. With accuracy transcending the realm of men, it is an ability often used for scouting that is able to fully survey the town simply upon looking down from a high location.

Kanshou and Bakuya: Gan Jiang and Mo Ye-  are "married" twin swords representing yin and yang encountered by Great Grandfather at some point during his lifetime and added to the numerous weapons recorded and stored in Unlimited Blade Works. They are his favored weapons to project, having become his symbols after wielding them all his life. Since they represent yin and yang they have a strong affinity towards demons, dragons and their slayers.

Caladbolg II- The legendary sword “Caladbolg” of the Ulster Cycle, projected and modified by Alexandria. Not very useful as a sword, but rather used as an arrow.

Rho Aias- The shield used by the hero of Trojan War, Aias. The Boundary Field Magic that provides absolute defense against projectile weapons and ranged magic.


Unlimited Blade Works-  The “Innate Bound Field” wielded by Alexandria. It is her families ability which she has perfected . The inside of the reality marble is a world like a steel mill, filled with weapons, flames, and giant gears. The uncountable swords plunge into the ground and were preserved thus. The majority of the weapons persevered in the reality marble are legendary weapons copied through projection magic, each possessing deadly powers. Although the majority of the weapons are swords, the magic  that provides absolute defence against projectiles, “Rho Aias”, is also said to be copied and stored in the reality marble.

Not only can Alexandria  freely access the weapon stored inside Unlimited Blade Works, she can also modify the weapons to his wish like Caladabolg II. In addition, he is able to capitalise on his ability to repeatedly project: use Noble Phantasms as disposable arrows, and then unleash the magical energy stored within – the tactic called “Broken Phantasm”.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Roar
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: Alexandria gathers heat and light within her mouth and subsequently releases them towards the opponent. This generates an extremely large and destructive sparking blast, which produces an immense amount of light and is capable of travelling for great distances, wreaking havoc wherever it passes. It has two settings; the first form emits a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach defenses. However, the damage dealt to the target without penetrating an defense is significantly reduced due to its lower energy transfer. The second mode is like a classic beam attack: the magical particles have less velocity and, while less penetrating, quickly transfer their energy to the target upon impact, reverting back to pure heat and destroying the target from within.

Attack name: Cosmic Queen Dragon's Roar
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: A far more powerful variant of Solar Dragon's Roar, only usable in Solar Drive. Alexandria gathers heat energy in her mouth, compressing it to its utmost limit, aligning the dual heat forces within her mouth and shapes it into a sphere, and then compresses it inside her mouth before releasing it in the form of a massive wave of energy that has explosive penetrative power. The attack requires about 3 seconds to travel a few ten thousand-kilometer distance, and Alexandria can immediately fire the next attack after confirming a miss, but after 10 attacks, she will run out of magical energy.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Firing Hammer
Range of the attack: Short
Description of the attack: Alexandria engulfs intense heat and light around both her fist and forearm and uses it to strike the target, to perform a devastating blow. The one inch punch is a skill which uses explosive power to generate tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances. When performing this one inch punch Alexandria stands with her fist very close to the target (the distance depends, usually from 0–6 inches). A quick movement of the wrist produces the force needed, the wrist is held with the knuckles facing out on a horizontal axis, the wrist is then moved up and a strike is produced with the bottom two knuckles. This blow is severely augmented compared to a regular one inch punch due to being infused with Alexandria's element, which focuses at the very tips of her knuckles in the form of heat and light surrounding her forearm. Alternately, Alexandria can release her magic seal, forming an enormous fist consisting of heat, which shoots forward at tremendous speeds with the intention to pummel/stun the opponent while burning them.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Barrier
Range of the attack: Mid
Description of the attack: Alexandria can unleash a barrier from both of her arms. Uniquely, they are capable of bending any beam, and can even protect her from a bonafide wave motion gun from close range. However, despite being far more advanced than any other barrier, it still suffers from magical draining. The barrier can only be used for a total of 105 seconds and requires 120 seconds to cool down. As Alexandria has no other defensive measures this leaves a window of 15 seconds where she has no defense against attacks. Also the barrier can only protect Alexandria from beam attacks, not physical attacks.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Devouring Fang
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: A special technique that is somewhat based off Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang, where Alexandria amasses intense heat upon one of her hands and performs a powerful thrust forward in an arc, striking the foe with her fingertips, releasing that heat with explosive power that deals tremendous damage to the foe.
Rising Fang- Rising Fang is an extension of Solar Dragon's Devouring Fang, however, Alexandria swings her hand upwards while performing the move, which gives it the ability to blow the foe into the air.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Drones
Range of the attack: Mid
Description of the attack: A form of remote weapon unique to Solar Dragon Slayer Magic; a series of blasters composed of solidified heat energy in the shape of wings. Circling the area on their own, the Obachi can be utilized in creative and strategic ways; they can be used in group formations for multiple barrages, and the actual blast fired by a seeker is also powerful, given that they are emitted by the blaster itself instead of Alexandria's body. The Obachi also have the ability to generate a unique magical shield, known as a "shining barrier", to provide a defense against both magical and solid projectiles with lower outputs compared to the light shield's magical energy consumption. Although these seekers prove incredibly effective and flexible in purpose, they are also large, making them easy to be destroyed. Alexandria can utilize the Obachi by thoughts alone.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Silhouette
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: Alexandria creates single or multiple illusions from heats. The illusions are completely indistinguishable from the real thing to the naked eye and simple sensors, however, they are easily dispelled. Several types of illusions can be created, but Alexandria's favorite are copies of herself, used to confuse her opponent as well as attack them. Still, it is a very taxing spell that requires considerable amount of energy and mental focus per image created, making impossible to sustain it for long periods of time. A fun fact about Solar Dragon's Silhouette is that any experience the illusions gain during their existence in attacking the foe is transferred to Alexandria once they are dispersed. It's also useful for training purposes, since the total amount of experience Alexandria  gains is multiplied by the total number of illusions being used to train. On a side note, stationary illusions are easier to maintain than moving ones.

Attack name: Rudri Tarpana
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: Alexandria gathers all of the energy within the atmosphere and concentrates it into one spot, then fires it as a super-dense, high-temperature fireball energy shot

Attack name: Brahmastra
Range of the attack: Short to far
Description of the attack: Alexandria releases thousands of rocketing fireball missiles from her hands, allowing her to obliterate opponents at a distance and break through almost any defense. The missiles are also used for defensive purposes, as they can even protect Alexandria from an incoming sword swing.

Attack name: Solar Drive
Range of the attack: Self
Description of the attack: Alexandria's heat becomes infused with her bloodstream before reaching her brain, resonating with adrenaline she is experiencing during combat. This in turn reacts with her own body and magical energy, increasing the strength, speed, and potential she possesses tenfold, allowing her to take on even foes much more powerful than herself; entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. This makes Alexandria become cloaked in intense heat. While in this state, Alexandria demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of her Solar Dragon Slayer Magic without exhausting herself. However, this ability is a double-edged sword; it has a ten minute time limit, which, if passed, has serious consequences for both Alexandria and her magical energy. Visually, this ability causes large amounts of magical energy to become emitted from Alexandria's shoulders, arms, legs, and knees in the form of beams of pure heat.

Attack name: Solar Dragon's Reflector
Range of the attack: mid
Description of the attack: Solar Dragon's Reflector is a unique technique; it is the perfect counter to opposing magic. It works by allowing Alexandria to manipulate the heat surrounding her; instead of blocking the opposing attack with a higher concentration, it is capable of bending the opposing magical projectile away from her, as well as some physical attacks. However, the technique is difficult to use has it can only manipulate so many magical particles at a time and it required precise timing. Thus, this grants Alexandria immunity to most attacks, and can defend other allies with Solar Dragon's Reflector. Alexandria had mentioned how difficult it is to use it and the chances of successfully using it are near impossible and that she would never use it unless she had no other choice.

Attack name: Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Solar Meteor Fist
Range of the attack: Short
Description of the attack: Alexandria engulfs her fists in immense heat, and delivers a series of fierce punches, which move at speeds which they can no longer be seen, leaving only jet streams in their place. They are capable of hitting the opponent over a thousand times a second, like meteors, and may even hit the opponent over long distances. If Alexandria's magic is unwasted, more fists may strike, until they reach the speed of thunder crashing. The fists land so fast that, after a volley, they seemingly connect simultaneously. The massive circles of air bursts from the punches surrounding Alexandria resemble actual meteors. However, due to the large amount of energy it uses, Alexandria cannot sustain it for long, although the time it is used is considerably high.

Attack name:  Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Super Sphere Supreme King Electric Shadow Bullet
Range of the attack: Far
Description of the attack: Alexandria intensifies her heat energy by convergence and acceleration, before letting out this energy to allow her to move at speeds where the human eye can no longer track her- it can be theorized that she can keep up this speed as long as she wishes. It should be noted that the expansion of this energy produces a crimson sphere of solidified heat, causing it to become essentially an energy ball that surrounds her as she moves. Alexandria mainly utilizes this to fly in like a meteor, dealing damage as she moves
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