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 Raizo Shikon (Update)

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PostSubject: Raizo Shikon (Update)   Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:48 pm

Name: Raizo X


Gender: male

Age: 28

Birthday: January,5 /x854

Before the time skip:

After the time Skip:

Note: After Raizo gained his new magic his hair color changed to this.


Height: 6’3

Weight: 180

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: after the time skip and Raizo being gone for a whole six years he became a whole lot different he still cares for his friends but he is alot quieter and has a really bad sense of humor its common for him to laugh out of no where while thinking of a joke he also likes to drink and look at the stars since they seem to calm his mind raizo wont talk much about what happened in his past unless he trusts you deeply and the alternate personality xaizo has dissapeared mentally Raizo has grown quite a bit instead of training constantly he looks to the future and will only get mad and try to kill you if you hurt what he calls his family which is anyone he considers a brother or sister which is most of his guild since his guild is basically the only family he knows he doesnt act like a child (most of the time) Raizo doesnt let his magic control him anymore he controls it and he wont let anyone stop that.

Relationships: Marcus
Respect- 0/100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - Rival
Info - we met and had a huge fight but he left before we could finish
Shane Rockheart
Respect- 70/100
Friendship - 80/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 80/100
Status - Friend
Info - Shane is a fellow memeber of the crimson liger he and Raizo get along quite well with him.

Relationships: If your character is some how connected to another character. Tell us about it.If not, leave blank. If your character has more then one relationship you should right them like this
Respect- 0100
Friendship - 0/100
Attraction - 0/100
Trust - 0/100
Status - (like friend.rival,lover)
Info - (Tell how you met them or)

Likes: Women, beer, partying, fighting, fire, and lightning

Dislikes: hangovers, cocky people, and the guild who killed his family

Abilities: Raizo has a massive amount of energy that is inside of him which allows him to use more magic then most.

Strenghts: Raizo has three strengths his first is Raizos speed he can achieve speeds that almost beat the light barrier, his second is his skills in different fighting styles, and his third is his stupid amount of strength

Weaknesses: His weakness is long rang attacks, beautiful women, and ice.


Name: Crimson liger

Tattoo: left shoulder and its crimson red

rank: S


Magic Type: Thunder black flame dragon slayer

NOTE: most of these attacks take a lot of magic to be used.

Spell Name: Roar of the thunder flame dragon

Spell Effect: This ability combines the roar of a fire dragon and the roar of a lightning dragon into one.

Spell Name: Hidden dragon art thunder dragons destruction

Spell Effect: With this attack black clouds will cover the sky and where ever Raizo chooses he will be able to strike lightning however it takes time to do it (two posts before it will be able to be used)

Spell Name: Secret dragon art flame dragons tower

Spell Effect: This ability is the strongest of raizo fire abilities, with this attack a circle thats 25 to 30 feet is formed around his opponent and black flames engulph the circle and shoot upwards at a unknown hight.

Spell Name: thunder flame dragons iron fist

Spell Effect: This ability engulphs his hands in black flame's and lightning making his punching alot stronger.

Spell Name: flame dragons flash over

Spell Effect: This ability heats the air so much that everything in the area around raizo bursts into flames.

Spell Name: flame dragons thunder bomb

Spell Effect: This ability forms a ball of lightning that when shot causes a massive explosion of lightning in every direction.

Spell Name: ultimate dragon art thunder flame dragons final fist

Spell Effect: This attack forms not regular fire but black fire with a heat temperature that exceeds almost any kind of flame, and with lightning that is tainted by this fire making it a very dark color. This attack allows Raizo to melt anything his hands touch or burn them if someone has a magic to nullify Raizo magic.

Spell Name: Dragon Force

Spell Effect: This is the legendary dragon force where you become more like a dragon however because its two dragon powers in one, if he uses this magic his entire body will be damaged and he will be nearly dead after using this.

Magic type: Seven flames of the seven deadly sins
Note: While Raizo is using this magic he looses all memories of his dragon slayer magic and any connection to his dragon slayer magic and he looses his dragon slayer magic as it becomes a sacrifice

1st deadly sin: Satan's blaze (Blue flame)
Description: Its a blue flame that consumes the heart and body of the one being attacked. The user is able to create a blue fire that can burn through almost anything.
special abilities:
Flame of Rebuke: With this attack it does not kill you however when it comes into contact with the intented attacker it burns inside your body till the day you die and will burn you from the inside out if you commit a sin ever again.
cost to use this magic: Raizo looses his sense of taste while using this magic.

2nd Deadly Sin: Belphegor (black flame)
Description: Its a black flame that will stop the opponents magic if there is any sin in their hearts.
special abilities: the user is covered in a black flame robe.
cost to use this magic: While using this magic Raizo looses the ability to speak or make any sounds.

3rd Deadly Sin: Mammon (Blue and yellow flames that mix into green)
Description: There are two different flames one that is very hot and the other being blue making it very cold these flames can combine together and create a whirl wind of heat and cold and is able to comsume and destory anything in its path
Special abilitie: These flames are able to turn into two flame sabers to fight in battle with.
cost to use this magic: while using this magic Raizo looses his ability of smell.

4th Deadly Sin: Beelzebub (colorless flame)
Descrition: This flame has no color but is extremly hot fire it looks like rain coming down but anything it touches will be burnt up into nothing
Special abilities: None.
cost to use this magic: While using this magic Raizo looses his sense of touch.

5th Deadly Sin: Leviathan (Silver flame)
Descrition: This flame is the flame of ice it absorbs all heat in the area making it below zero and will freeze anything it touches.
Special abilities: The flame gets stronger when the opponent gets angry or has envy towards the user.
Cost to use: While using this magic Raizo looses his feelings of envy and anger.

6th Deadly Sin: Asmodeus (Multi colored flame)
Description: This flame reacts with matter around everywhere creating explosions.
Special abilities: This flame if hit by it will knock you out and torment your mind creating illusions and messing with every one of your senses also can cause you to fall into a coma and inside the coma you will be tortured
Cost to use: While using this ability Raizo looses his sense of feeling in his body making his entire body numb.

7th deadly sin: unknown (Raizo has yet to fully master this magic).

Magic Seal:
Dragon slayer:

note: half of the seal is black and the other half is lightning yellow

Seven flames of the seven deadly sins:

Note: Depending on which sin magic he uses the color of the flames will be the color of the magic seal.

Strenghts: storms, fire, lightning, sun.

Weaknesses: rubber, water, ice, blizzards, snow.

Weapon Name: Dragons blade

Magical Properties: It can cut through magic like butter, it cannot be broken, rusted, or never dull.

Weapon Appearance:

Note: the white on it is black and the black on it is lightning yellow

Weapon History: (what Raizo knows) This blade was with Raizo when he was found by the two dragons its said it was from his family but no knows for sure.
(Real history): This blade was fordged one hundred and fifty years ago, this katana was made out of a metal that was from a metor. The man who found this metal was Raizo's ancestor, when this Raizo's ancestor found it he noticed it had a special ability, it was able to repel magic so when he forged it into a katana it was able to cut through any kind of magic, the ancestor's village was getting attacked by a dragon and this katana was the blade that killed that dragon which is how it got the name dragons blade.  

Raizo was born in a small village where a dark guild was located, Raizo parents were nice kind people that respected other and always helped anyone in need. Raizo was only two years old when the  a dark guild attacked their village, Raizo's parents managed to get to a river while running away from the dark guild after they destroyed the village and killed everyone. The dark guild was chasing after them so they put Raizo in big basket with the dragons blade, and a necklace that had his name on it, they then pushed him down the river and ran off it was only ten minutes later when they were killed by the dark guild. while floating down river two dragons one of fire and one of lightning saw this basket and picked it up they opened it and looked inside when they saw the baby they looked around for the parents and when they found a village near by and saw it was completely destroyed. The dragons saw the dark there so they figured it was the dark guild that killed his parents, when they returned they had to make a choice were they going to keep the child or where they going to give him to someone else. Both dragons agreed to raise this child and make him one of their own, so for fifteen years the dragons raised him and trained him in the lost magic of dragon slayer magic, and how to fight using his katana, and fists. After all this time when he turned seventeen his training was complete. The dragons finally told him about his past, and that he needed to go on his own journey to fight. Raizo then set out on his own journey to learn new things and to completely destroy this dark guild that was his goal and he was not going to stop till he succeeded. Raizo joined a new guild called the crimson liger and has been with them for five years he, quickly went through the ranks and became a SS class and in league for guild master posistion however he refused to become guild master because he dident want to be incharge he enjoyed his jobs that usually take a year to complete. Soon after when the guild master was chosen he was demoted to S class by the new guild master for reasons unknown years have passed sinced the battles that took place a few months after the battles Raizo left on a s class mission that now took 6 years to complete and took him to a place that was feared by most and during that mission he learned a new magic technique that was new to anyone the seven flames of the seven deadly sins however to learn the new magic it comes with a price everytime he uses it making it very rare he ever uses the magic. Raizo now is returning to the guild after a long 6 years of being on a mission.

Raizos family history: Raizo does not know anything of his family but his true history is he is the son shinji shikon which is why dragon slayer magic is so strong within Raizo and why he was able to easiely master two types of dragon slayer magic

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Thunder Flame Master Of Dragons and Demons

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Job/hobbies : paintball, dirtbiking, drinking, partying, and hunting.

PostSubject: Re: Raizo Shikon (Update)   Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:08 pm

Needs to be approved please
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PostSubject: Re: Raizo Shikon (Update)   Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:24 am


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PostSubject: Re: Raizo Shikon (Update)   

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Raizo Shikon (Update)
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